The King
The King
woah-jane-doe: I like your blog!

Thank you! 😌

fashionstrive: I love your blog 👌😚

Thank you! ☺️

Anonymous: You're such a beautiful person. 😊😁 I hope you make it! 😙

Thank you! I’ll do whatever it takes so that I will. 😌

Anonymous: You are following me which is strange because that should've given me the confidence I needed to say all that to you off anon but unfortunately I'm a coward that's why I'm hiding. I really needed you to know that though, and to understand that although I don't know of your fears or your goals and your dreams or any aspect of your life that you're important to me.

I’m happy I’m following you, & it’s okay if you don’t wanna show yourself. I understand. But I want you to know that you’re important to me as well. For actually caring about me when you don’t know me at all. That says a lot. Thank you!!

My story: To my follower who asked

Well, I was born in California and moved to Houston when I was like 2. I’ve lived here all my life. Growing up my dad was always gone and my mom was always there. My parents argued alllllll the time. It was kinda sad tbh. My dad has a lot of issues but that affected me because he was never around to actually be a dad to/for me. So I always looked up to my mom. She literally did everything for me and still does to this day. It’s sad because they’re married and he acts like he’s a single guy living on his own. My dad was never the loving type I always wanted him to be which is okay because he was probably in a place where he couldn’t because he didn’t know how because his parents didn’t show him that kind of love. So I understand. I was bullied from elementary to the end of middle school. And like probly freshman year. I love being on stage and I love to act. I’ve been acting for a while. The adrenaline rush I get when I’m on stage is indescribable. I’m going to college to study theatre, then probably leaving the country once I graduate to study some more (you can never know too much when it comes to acting/theatre) then I’ll move back and try to start my career in either California or New York. I think that’s pretty much my life idk how to write these things haha