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The King
♥45480 "Be a loner. That gives you time to wonder. To search for the truth."

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Everytime by Broods
Voice: The Journey To Liberation (Past Present and Future)

So in one of my classes my professor had us do this exercise where we draw abstract pictures of what we feel our voice looked like in the past, looks like in the present, and will look like in the future. Everyone in the class walked around and left one word that they felt described the pictures. One word for the past, present, and future. Once everyone was done we took the words that everyone wrote and composed a poem out of the words given. Here’s what I wrote:


Dark and alone I am

Scary and closed I’m alienated

Dark jumbled and dizzy I’m enclosed

In the darkness which has trapped me

I feel alone left with no individualism

The eye of the dark pit is dizzy

Hazy darkness of the black hole confined the ringing

Pitiful limitation of myself

The dark dark black hole limited my voice



Separated but in tune I’m branching out

The struggle is fading as I release this hot ass mess

The liberation of breaking free is slightly colorful

I flip flop between adjusting and accepting

This torrent is chaotic yet calm

Emerging while finding the jazzy pop

Submerging myself I’m developing in the present no longer distressed.


I have found my unique carefree beauty

Confident in the success of being as bold as Nicki Minaj

My satisfaction as abstract as Picasso

The abstract indirectional direction is free but together

My heart is open and expressive

My soul vibrant and immortal

My mind is open

I am abstract

I am everywhere

I am colorful

Ka pow I am free


i swear i get uglier everyday

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